About Our Studio

Valhalla Studios was opened in 2016 to give the artist a unique experience:

Share your story.

More artists are looking for ways to communicate with their fans beyond their songs. The DocTheMic project helps your fans connect with your story, personality, and style.

Be comfortable.

Artists perform at their best when they’re relaxed. At Valhalla Studios, you won’t find yourself confused with the production and engineering processes. We ensure your project is managed from beginning to end within your budgets, timelines, and expectations.

Meet new People.

Valhalla Studios strives to be a hub for artist networking and creativity. Come with us to a local event, or ask us for a referral. You may meet your new team members through our existing relationships with musicians, media editors, and designers. Sign-up for our mailing list for more information.

Why Valhalla Studios?

We offer modern recording studio resources and equipment at a price point that makes sense for everybody. At Valhalla Studios you will find the following:


Extremely clean signal chain

Sound treated mixing and recording environments

Up-to-date catalogue of in-the-box software

Productive session management and workflow

Spacious, comfortable, clean areas

Good vibes!


We look forward to working with you!


Get things started by reaching out to us here or listen to some music we have worked on at Valhalla Studios.

About The Owner

Nick Wisse has been recording and producing music since he was 16 years old. He has played 7 different instruments over his life and is always learning more about the craft of music performance. Nick worked as a session engineer in Boston at Crazze House, LLC before moving to New York City to open his own studio. Nick feels truly at home in the creative process and helps his customers focus on their performance when in his studio.


Tools Of The Trade

Your audio passes through our well thought-out
signal chain, consisting of high quality components
and A/D conversion.

Our Solid State Logic mixing board's SuperAcoustic pre-amps, Adam A7X monitors, and Clarett 8pre Thunderbolt interface are studio-grade.


Choose from an AKG c414 (Large-diaphragm Condenser) or a Shure SM7B (Dynamic, Cardioid) to record vocals or instruments with.


Mixing Board:

Solid State Logic (SSL) Nucleus board

     - 2 SuperAcoustic Preamps



Focusrite Clarett 8pre

Multitrack recording/Multiple mics

Thunderbolt for zero latency monitoring



Pair Adam A7X

Pair KRK Rokit 5

Single KRK 10s subwoofer

Presonus Monitor Station 2

     - Check the mix on your own headphones in
        the studio

     - Separate Cue mixes for all musicians in
        the session



AKG c414

     - Typically for softer, more nuanced vocals

        (ex. Folk)

Shure SM7B

     - Typically for louder, more powerful delivery             
        (ex. Rap)

Shure 58beta

Shure KSM27



Pro Tools 12.5

Abletton Live Suite 9.5

Reason 6



Native Instruments Komplete 9

Antares 7 Native Auto-tune

SSL Duende
     - Channel Strip

     - Bus Compressor

Focusrite "Red"

     - Compressor

     - 2 & 3 EQ


     - TSAR-1R Reverb

     - Tube Delay

     - Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor

     - Saturation Knob



Yamaha p-120 electronic piano

     - 88 Fully weighted keys

Akai MPK225

     - Percussion pads

     - Synth feel


     - Ableton controller


Other House Instruments:

G&L Legacy electric guitar

Ibanez SR400 bass guitar

Fender Acoustic/Electric


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